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Interstate-5 in the

Roseburg, OR Area

The Roseburg Area includes the cities of Oakland, Myrtle Creek, Roseburg, Sutherlin, and Winston, Oregon.  


The Roseburg Area starts at Interstate-5 Mile Post 149 and continues south to Milepost 80.



Roseburg Area

City Page

Wine Page


Umpqua Scenic Byway- Crater Lk.



To Pacific Beaches



Interstate 5 continues north on our Eugene Page


Exit 148 – Rice Hill – There is 24 hour food, 24 hour fuel, and lodging at this exit.

Exit 146 – Rice Valley – no facilities


Mile Post 143 – Oregon State Rest Area for northbound and southbound.


Exit 142 – Metz Hill – no facilities

Historical Oakland

Oakland Historical District – a restored town worth a visit.

Exit 140 – Oakland (southbound only) –see 138

Exit 138 – Oakland (northbound only) – Oakland Historical District.  There is food in the historical district.


Exit 136 – Sutherlin / Ocean Beaches / Highway 138 – There is lodging, 24 hr. fuel, 24 hr. food, and an RV Park at this exit.

Highway 138 heads west from this exit to connect with highway 38 to Reedsport (61 mi.) on the Pacific Ocean.

Exit 135 – Sutherlin / Wilber – no facilities

Exit 129 – Winchester / Highway 99 – There is fuel, food,  and camping at this exit.



Maps of SW Oregon are loading......The City of Roseburg – Roseburg was originally a timber city.  Today the city is a recreation center.  Roseburg lies 70 miles from the ocean beaches and 70 miles from the mountain recreation area which includes  Crater Lake National Park and Umpqua National Forest.  OR-138 which heads east from Roseburg is an “Oregon Scenic Byway”.  The Roseburg Chamber of Commerce is located a 410 SE Spruce Street (541-672-2648 or 1-800-444-9584).  The Douglas County Museum is located off of exit 123.  Wildlife Safari, one of Oregon’s two wildlife parks, is off Exit 119 on OR-42 and is a 600 acre wildlife park featuring exotic animals in natural surroundings


Exit 127 – North Roseburg / Stewart Parkway – There is lodging, 24 hr. fuel, food, and an RV park at this exit.


Exit 125 – Roseburg / Garden Valley Boulevard – There is lodging, 24 hr. fuel, food, and a shopping mall at this exit.


Exit 124 – Roseburg City Center /

                 OR-138 Scenic Byway –

                 There is lodging, 24 hr. fuel,

                 food, and downtown Roseburg

                 at this exit.


Exit 123 – Roseburg – no facilities at exit – Umpqua Park with a museum, camping, and fairgrounds.


Exit 121 – McLain Ave – no facilities

Exit 120 – Roseburg / Green District / Highway 99 – There is lodging at this exit.



Highway 42 heads west from here to the Ocean Beaches (75 mi.) at Coos Bay and Bandon.

Exit 119 – Ocean Beaches / Winston / Highway 99 / Highway 42 –

                 Wildlife Safari is west of this exit.

                 There is 24 hr. fuel, 24 hr. food, lodging and a mall at this exit.

                 The City of Winston is 4 miles to the west on OR-42.



Exit 113 – Clarks Branch Road / Round Prairie – There is Lodging and an RV Park at this exit.



Exit 112 – Dillard / Highway 99 / Highway 42 – There is food and lodging at this exit.

Higway 99 heads northwest to Winston from here and connects with Highway 42 to the ocean beaches.




A map of SW Oregon is loading......Exit 110 – Boomer Hill Road – no facilities at this exit.

Exit 108 – Myrtle Creek – There is food, fuel, and an RV Park at this exit.

Exit 106 – Weaver Road – Airport

Exit 103 – Myrtle Creek – There is food and 24 hr. fuel at this exit

Exit 102 – Gazley Road – There is an RV Park at this exit.

Exit 101 – Riddle – There is camping at this exit.


ί Click on the map of SW Oregon to see a larger version


The Town of Canyonville lies east of the Interstate

Exit 99 – Canyonville – There is food, lodging, and 24 hour fuel at this exit

Exit 98 – Canyonville / Days Creek – HOSPITAL – There is 24 hr. fuel, food, and lodging at this exit.




Exit 95 – Canyon Creek – There are no facilities at this exit



Mile Post 90 – Canyon Creek Pass with an elevation of 2000 feet.



Exit 88 – Azalea – There is fuel at this exit.



Exit 86 – Barton Road / Quine’s Creek – There is food, fuel and an RV Park at this exit.



Exit 83 – Barton Road (northbound only) – RV Park (3 mi. east)



Milepost 82 – Oregon State Rest Stop both northbound and southbound



Exit 80 – Glendale – There is fuel, food, lodging, and camping at this exit.


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Exit 80 is the southern border of our Roseburg Area Page

Interstate 5 continues south on our Grants Pass Page





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