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The Ellensburg area consists of Kittitas County, Washington State, USA




































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Interstate-90 eastbound

Milepost 52 King County / Kittitas County Line


Exit 52

West Summit (eastbound only) There is fuel, food, and lodging in the Snoqualmie Pass Area

Exit 53

Snoqualmie Pass elevation 3022 There is a Ski Lodge, fuel, food, and lodging in the area.


Exit 54

Hyak / Gold Creek There are no facilities at this exit.


Exit 62

Stampede Pass elevation 3750 -


Exit 63

Cabin Creek Road There is an RV Park at this exit.


Exit 70

Lake Easton State Park There is food and an RV Park at this exit.


Milepost 71

Yakima River


Exit 71

Easton There is fuel and Iron Horse State Park at this exit.


Exit 74

West Nelson Siding Road There are no facilities at this exit.


Exit 78

Golf Course Road There is a golf course and an RV park located near this exit.


Exit 80

Roslyn / Salmon la Sac There is a campground at Salmon la Sac There are no facilities at this exit.


Village of Roslyn has a population of around 1000 and an elevation of 2,266 feet above sea level. The TV show Northern Exposure was filmed here. The Roslyn Museum has memorabilia from the filming.



Milepost 81 Cle Elum River

The Town of Cle Elum has a population of around 2000 and an elevation of 1,905 feet above sea level. This area began as a gold claim in 1883 and two years later coal was discovered and these large coal veins were mined until the mid 1960s.


Exit 84

Cle Elum HOSPITAL There is food, fuel, lodging, and a museum in Cle Elum.


Exit 85

Cle Elum / WA-970 east to Teanaway and US-97 to Leavenworth There is 24 hr. fuel, 24 hr. food, lodging, and an RV park in the area.


Milepost 89

Indian John Hill Rest Area elevation 2,141 feet above sea level There is an RV dump at this rest area


Milepost 92

Elk Heights, elevation 2,359


Exit 93

Elk Heights Road / Taneum Creek There are no facilities at this exit.


Exit 101

Thorp Highway north 2 mi. to Thorp There are no facilities at this exit.


Exit 106

Ellensburg - US-97 north to Leavenworth

State Patrol Ellensburg landscape on freeway.Office There is 24 hr. fuel, an RV / camping park, food, and lodging at this exit.


Visit our Ellensburg page


City of Ellensburg has a population of about 15,000 and an elevation of 1,577 feet above sea level. The city is located in the Kittitas Valley and is in the heart of Washingtons Cattle Country. There was a trading post located here in the mid 1860s. The town really grew when the Northern Pacific Railroad located its main line in Ellensburg. You can visit the Ellensburg Chamber of Commerce web site at:


Exit 109

Ellensburg / Canyon Road - HOSPITAL This is the main entrance into the city and there are all facilities in Ellensburg


The Yakima Canyon Highway is a alternate scenic highway to Yakima that follows the Yakima River through the canyon.


Exit 110

Junction with Interstate 82 south to Yakima


Exit 115

Kittitas There is food, 24 hr. fuel and Olmstead Place State Park at this exit.


Milepost 126

Ryegrass Rest Area elevation 2535


The Village of Vantage is on Wanapum Lake, a lake formed in the Columbia River by Wanapum Dam. The village is a hub for all of the local tourist activities, including Ginkgo Visitors Center and the Wanapum Dam visitors center 5 mi. to the south.


Exit 136

Vantage / Huntzinger Road There is fuel, food, lodging, camping, an RV Park, Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park, and Wanapum State Park located at this exit. Photos of the Columbia at Vantage

Milepost 137

The Columbia River



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