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Washington’s Southern Ocean Beaches

The Long Beach area of Washington State

Located in southwest Washington State




Long Beach


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Long Beach




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Long Beach




WA-S-OceanBeachesWashington’s Southern

Ocean Beaches

The southern beaches are on the Long Beach Peninsula.  The western shore of the Long Beach peninsula is blessed with long and wide sandy beaches.  The Long Beach area claims to have the longest beach in the world as you can see in the photo below. 


The beach is long, to be exact, it is 26 miles long.  The arch is over one of the beach access roads.  The area is growing because of its proximity to Portland, Oregon.


The map to the left is of the beaches in southwestern Washington State and northwest Oregon State. The map shows the different ways to access Washington’s Long Beach Peninsula.  The best access is US-30 from Portland.  If traveling from the north, the fastest route takes you across the bridge in Longview, over the Columbia River , then taking US-30 to the coast where you cross back over the Columbia River in Astoria, Oregon.  Washington’s WA-4, from Longview is slower and windy road but a good option if you want to see some new scenery.


The Long Beach Peninsula is immediately north of the Columbia River’s outlet into the Pacific Ocean.  The peninsula runs north 26 miles from the Columbia River forming a sea barrier for Willapa Bay.  Because the Columbia River is a great source of sand, the beaches are infilling along the peninsula’s western coast.  Sites where ships went aground in the late 1800’s are now covered by sand and far from the shore.


Driving on the beach

They have been driving on the beach on the Long Beach Peninsula since the automobile first got to the northwest.  You will find most of the beach is open all year but there are some areas that are closed.  The speed limit is 25 MPH and the beach is patrolled heavily.  We have more information on our Resort Area page.






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