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Mount Vernon




Mount Vernon


Mountain Loop Highway

Mt. Baker – Snoqualmie National Forest Highway 2000

(Some signs on the route show Scenic Byway 20 as you can see in the photo below.)

(This is not WA-20 or Washington State Route-20)











Exit 208

The Mountain Loop Highway (Forest Service Highway 20) is classified as a National Forest Scenic Byway

The Mountain Loop Highway logo is loading........The Mountain Loop Highway is probably the most concentrated area in the State of Washington for day hike trails, campgrounds, and hiking activities.  Many of the trails in this area are through old growth forest. 

Map of Mountain Loop Highway

Although our Mountain Loop Highway Loop begins at Interstate-5 Exit 208 on WA-530; Highway-530 actually begins in Stanwood, WA and the Junction with I-5 is on WA-503 mile 17.  We display the mile posts on the highway for a point of reference as you travel and have our own mileage system to show total miles traveled on the loop.


The Mountain Loop Highway Reopened

on October 26, 2007


Some information may be out of date as we have not traveled this loop since it reopened.


Check area road conditions on the Forest Service web page listed below.







Mile 17

Our Mtn. Loop Hwy.

Mile 0

Interstate-5 Exit 208 / Arlington / WA-530

At this exit there are several restaurants and fuel.

Take WA-530 east to Arlington and then on to Darrington.

Our policy is to route from the north to the south so our loop will begin at Interstate-5 Exit 208 (Arlington, WA). 



Mile 21

Mile 4

The City of Arlington, WA



Mile 5

Arlington Heights Road (To Granite Falls)



Mile 32

Mile 16.1

The small village of Oso / Lake Cavanaugh Road

This gravel road to the left (north) is Deer Creek Road.  It is about 6 mi. long and goes over the mountain to Lake Cavanaugh.  The road is gravel but well maintained



Mile 38

Mile 22.3

View Point at N. Fork of Stillaguamish River

Photo of display is loading......You will see the display structure shown in the photo to the right on the left (north side) of the highway.  A map of the river is displayed and a view of the river is behind the display.  This is a favorite swimming hole of the locals in the summer.


There are no toilet facilities or tables here.


Mile 40

Mile 24.7

1-temp02French Creek Road (National Forest Road 2010) – Turn right (south) onto NF Road 2010 and travel 3.7 miles up the road to the trailhead for the Bolder River Trail #734.  This 4 mile long trail only rises 400 feet over its length and follows what seems to be an old logging roadbed.  This is a great family hiking trail that is very busy on summer weekends.  You will find second growth forest for the first 2 miles and then enter old growth forest. 


Mile 44


Mile 28.4

Squire Creek Campground – There are 30 drive-through sites for trailers or RVs up to 25 feet long. Piped water and sewer hookups are available. No reservations.  Open mid-April to mid-October.
Location: 41415 State Road 530, Arlington
Contact: 360-436-1283



Mile 47



Mile 32




Darrington sign is loading.......The City of Darrington, WA – This mill and logging town in the Cascade Mountain Range foothills was originally an overnight stop for wagons headed from Puget Sound to the mines in the Monte Cristo area.  Today the city has a population of around 1300.  There are limited tourist facilities in the city.


When you visit this community you really feel like you are in the mountains with 6854 ft. high Three Fingers Mountain to the southwest,  the 5202 foot Mt. Higgins to the northwest, and  the 6935 foot high White Chuck Mountain to the east.  The city is located in the Sauk River valley.  The Sauk River is a tributary of the Skagit River.  This area was the exclusive home of the Sauk and Suiattle tribes until the miners and then the loggers arrived in the late 1800’s.


National Forest

Mountain Loop

Highway mile 55

Mile 32.7

Jct. WA-530 with Mountain Loop Highway

You come to a stop sign here.

Turn left to continue on WA-530 to Rockport

Turn right to Mountain Loop Highway

– at this point you are 55 miles from Granite Falls via the Mountain Loop Highway


Mtn Loop

Mile 52


Mile 35.7

South City Limit of Darrington

Mtn. Loop

Mile 51


Mile 34.5


Mile 35


Clear Creek Campground 

Open late May to early September.  There are 12 campsites..  Reservations 1-877-444-6777 or http://www.reserveusa.com


Clear Creek Bridge

Mtn. Loop

Marker 50


Mile 36

Old Sauk Trail #728 Trailhead (on left side of road)

4 mi. to Darrington / 27 miles to Verlot Public Service Center

Mtn Loop

Mile 49


Mile 37

NF Road 2070 on right (west)

Mtn. Loop

Mile 45


Mile 41

Road 2080  (on right) go to Road 2081 then Road 2086.  The trailhead for Peek-A-Boo Trail #656 is up this road.  Travel about 0.5 mi. from trailhead on an old logging road and then you enter old growth forest. 

Go to our Peek-A-Boo Trail page for more information.


(9 mi. to Darrington)


Mtn. Loop

Mile 44


Mile 41.3

Sauk River Bridge


Mile 41.5

Beaver Lake Trail #629 – Across Sauk River bridge on Right (west) is the 0.2 mi. road to the Trailhead – This trail follows an old railroad grade.  In the first 1.5 mi. you will find beaver ponds.  In the next 1.5 miles you will enter old growth forest.  Visit our Beaver Lake Trail page.


White Chuck Boat Launch on east side of highway is closed due to storm damage



Mile 41.7

White Chuck Road #23 ( second left after Bridge) 

Road and Trails beyond closed until further notice due to storm damage 1.7 mi. from Mtn. Loop Highway (as of July 2004)  Repairs scheduled for 2008.


10 mi. to Darrington




End of Blacktop roadway – from here road is gravel.


Mile 46.7

Sloan Creek Road #49

  North Fork Sauk Falls Trail #660 – This 0.2 mile trail drops about 100 feet to the falls.  There is no old growth forest but the falls are worth the short hike.


  Red Mountain Trail #651

  North Fork Sauk Trail #649

17 mi. to Darrington


Mt. Loop

Mile 37


Mile 49.1


Bedel's sign is loading.....Bedal Campground – This forest service campground is mainly for tenting.  Only smaller RV’s or trailers can be accommodated in the camp sites.  Open late May to early September.  It has 18 camp sites and takes reservations.

Reservations 1-877-444-6777 or http://www.reserveusa.com



Mile 36

Mile 50

Road from here to Mile 53 opened on Oct. 26, 2007




Elliot Creek Road #4080 (on the left) (No accessible to vehicles)


22.0 miles to Darrington / 22.8 miles to Verlot Public Service Center


Mtn. Loop

Mile 31

Mile 53

Road reopened Oct. 26, 2007. 


End of Gravel Roadway.

Pavement begins at Barlow Pass



Mile 30

Mile 54

Barlow Pass  Elevation 2,361 feet above sea level -, named for J.Q. Barlow who surveyed a route up the South Fork of the Stillaguamish for the Everett and Monte Cristo Railroad in 1891-92. This was also the site of the Barlow Pass Ranger Station.


Trailhead – Old Monte Cristo town site – The 4 mi. long road to Monte Cristo is gated but open to foot traffic.  The land between the gate and the townsite is privately owned by several patented mining claims and numerous summer homes.  The road follows the old railroad grade so it is an easy family walk. 


The road from here to the Verlot Public Service Center for the most part follows the railroad grade of the Everett and Monte Cristo Railway built in the 1890’s.


23.4 mi. to Darrington / 19.5 mi. to Verlot Public Service Center


Mile 28

Mile 56.3


NF Road 4065 – Sunrise Mine Trailhead & Scenic overlook – 2mi.

Mile 27

Mile 57.0

Mt. Kickerman Trail #710 Trailhead

– parking lot on right (north) side of highway


Mtn. Loop

Mile 26

Mile 57.6

Perry Creek Road #4063 - on right (north)

Mt. Forgotten Meadows – Perry Creek Trail #711 Trailhead 1.0 mi.


15.2 mi. to Verlot Public Service Center


Mile 26

Mile 58.2

Ice Caves Trailhead – Trail closed indefinitely due to bridge washout in 2006 floods – Upset, call your congressman.


Mtn. Loop

Mile 26

Mile 58.7

Coal Lake Road #4060 (on right)

Coal Lake Trail #632 –  4.4 mi.

Pass Lake Trail #645 – 4.5 mi.

Independence Lake Trail #712 – 4.8 mi.


15.0 mi. to Verlot Public Service Center


Mtn. Loop

Mile 25

Mile 59.1

Big Four Picnic Area


14.5 mi. to Verlot Public Service Center


Mile Post 25

Mile 59.8

Beaver Creek - reservation Campground

1-877-444-6777 or http://www.reserveusa.com


Mile 24

Mile 61.4

Deer Creek Road – This is where the snowplow stops in winter. Deer Creek is a popular winter recreation area.


Mtn. Loop


Mile 62.4

Village of Silverton - A bridge crosses the river to the townsite, but most of the land is privately owned and tourists are not welcome. On other side of the highway there is a small store, and homes. Silverton was at its peak in 1897 with a population of 3,000.  Site of the old Silverton Ranger Station, it was also a Forest Service nursery in the early 1900s.


13 mi. to Verlot Public Service Center


Mile 22

Mile 63.8

Dick Sperry Picnic Area


Mtn. Loop

Mile 21

Mile 64.2

Marten Creek Trailhead



Mile 20

Mile 65.5

Tulalip Group Campground – Open late may to early October.  Maximum 25 people rate $75.00 in 2004  Reservations 1-877-444-6777 or http://www.reserveusa.com


Mtn. Loop

Mile 18

Mile 66.2

Youth-on-Age-Trail – This accessible interpretative loop is .3 mile long  and contains old growth trees.  It has experienced some unrepaired storm damage as of July 2004.  Back country toilets are provided in the parking area.


7.5 miles to Verlot Public Service Center


Mtn. Loop

Mile Post 18

Mile  66.5

Red Bridge Campground – Open late May to early September.  14 campsites.  Reservations 1-877-444-6777 or http://www.reserveusa.com


Mtn. Loop

Mile 17

Mile 66.8

Mallardy Road #4030  (on left)

Mallardy Ridge Trail #706 – 9 mi. to trailhead


7.0 mi. to Verlot Public Service Center


Mtn. Loop

Mile 16

Mile 67.9

Boardman Campground – Open late May to early September.  8 campsites.  Reservations 1-877-444-6777 or http://www.reserveusa.com



Mtn. Loop

Mile Post 16

Mile 68.5

Esswine Group Campground – Open late May to early September.  25 people max. rate $60.00 in 2004  Reservations 1-877-444-6777 or http://www.reserveusa.com



Mtn Loop

Mile 15

Mile 69.2

Schweitzer Creek Road #4020 (on left)

Boardman & Lake Evan Trail #704 – trailhead 5.0 mi.


4.5 mi. to Verlot Public Service Center


Mtn. Loop

Mile Post 15

Mile 69.9

Wiley Creek Reservation Campground– Open late May to early September.  35 people max. rate $75.00 in 2004.  Reservations 1-877-444-6777 or http://www.reserveusa.com


Mtn Loop

Mile 14

Mile 70.8

Tupso Pass Road #41 (on left)

Forks of the Canyon Creek Trail #633 – 12.5 mi. to trailhead


3.9 mo. to Verlot Public Service Center


Mtn. Loop

Mile 13

Mile 71.4

Gold Basin Campground.  This is the largest campground in the area with 92 campsites.  Open late May to early October.  Fee $17.00 in 2004.  Reservations 1-877-444-6777 or http://www.reserveusa.com


The Gold Basin Mill Pond is located across the highway from the campground. There is an interpretative trail that tells the area's story


Mtn. Loop

Mile 13

Mile 71.8

Lake Twenty Two Trail #703 trailhead (on the left)

Temple Creek Picnic Area – across highway from trailhead


2.0 mi. to Verlot Public Service Center


Mtn. Loop

Mile Post 12

Mile 72.9

Mt. Pilchuck Road #42 (Monte Cristo Grade road) on left (south)

Mt. Pilchuch Lookout Trail #700 – 6.9 mi. to trailhead


1 mi. to Verlot Public Service Center

Bridge over the South Fork of the Stillaguamish River. 


Mtn Loop

Mile 11

Mile 73.7

Verlot Campground  Open late May to early September.  There are 25 campsites.  Reservations 1-877-444-6777 or http://www.reserveusa.com


Mtn. Loop

Mile 11

Mile 73.9

Verlot Public Service Center

Look for the slice of an old growth tree that is timeline labeled from the 1500’s


Mtn. Loop

Mile 10

Mile 74.0

Turlow Campground – across highway from Verlot Public Service Center.  Open late May to early September.  There are 18 campsites.  Reservations 1-877-444-6777 or http://www.reserveusa.com


Mile 10


Mile 74.3

Leave the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest


Mile 10

Mile 74.9

Village of Robe – founded in 1891


Mile 6


Mile 78.0

Old Robe Trail

Mile 1

Mile 86

Granite Falls view point


Mtn. Loop Hwy

Mile Post 0

Mile 87.8

City of Granite Falls

Jct. E Stanley St & Mountain Loop Highway

Right turn onto Stanley St. and into downtown Granite Falls

West end of Stanley Street turns into WA-92.  Take WA-92 west from the city



Mile 95.5

Intersection of WA-92 with WA-9

Turn left (south) on WA-9



Mile 97.0


Intersection of WA-9 with WA-204 at Lake Stevens

Turn right at light toward Everett and US-2



Mile 99.4

Intersection with WA-204 and US-2 to Everett

Exit onto US-2 to Everett



Mile 102.4

Intersection with US-2 and Interstate-5 Exit 194 in Everett




This is the southerly end of our Mountain Loop Highway




A Northwest Forest Pass is required for each vehicle parked at the trailhead.


[Image]: Northwest Forest Pass Logo posted on most recreation signs.Recreationists are reminded that a Northwest Forest Pass is required at trailheads in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. Hikers can buy a $30 annual pass or a $5 day pass at Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest Ranger Stations. Passes are also available at local vendors or can be ordered by calling (toll free) 1-800-270-7504 or ordered on-line through Nature of the Northwest.




The US Forest Service index page for all trails on the Mountain Loop Highway and their current status is located at:













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