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The North Cascades Scenic Byway

US Highway-2 portion


The North cascade Loop Scenic Byway loops through the north Cascade Mountain beginning in Burlington, WA on highways; WA-20, WA-153, US-97, US-97A, and US-2 going over  two different passes in the Cascade Range and visiting the cities of Wenatchee, Cashmere, and Leavenworth to name just a couple in eastern Washington before returning to Interstate-5 in Everett, WA. 

For more information visit our North Cascades Loop page.




If you are traveling westbound from Wenatchee, go to the bottom of this page and work up.


Mile Post 0


Interstate-5 Exit 194 – Everett, WA

This is the southern entrance to the Cascade Loop Scenic Byway


MP 2


Cavalero Corner / Jct with WA-204  north to Lake Stevens

MP 3

Snohomish, WA / Bickford Ave.


MP 5

Junction with WA-9   North to Lake Stevens and Arlington, WA. 

                                       South to Woodinville, WA.


MP 8

Snohomish, WA / 92nd Street


MP 14

Monroe, WA / WA-522 south to Bothell


MP 14.6

Monroe / Lewis Street / WA-203 south to Duvall, Carnation, Fall City, Snoqualmie and Interstate-90


MP 15

Monroe / Main Street


MP 22

Sultan, WA


MP 25

Startup, WA


MP 27

Gold Bar, WA


MP 35

Index-Galena Road

The Village of Index is 1 mi. East


MP 41



MP 48


Skykomish, WA

This historic railroad town currently has a population of around 250.  It is a popular stop for winter skiers.  You will find a historic hotel, a motel, a gas station, and the National Forest has an office here.


Skykomish Ranger Station

74920 NE Stevens Pass Highway

PO Box 305

Skykomish, WA 98288



MP 58


Scenic, WA

MP 64


Stevens Pass   4,061 feet above sea level  Pass open year round.

Stevens Pass Snow Skiing area.


From here not only does your trip head down hill, you also enter the warmer weather of Eastern Washington in the spring, summer, and fall seasons.  In winter Eastern Washington tends to be colder than Western Washington.


Mountain Pass Reports – State of Washington website



MP 68


Devided Highway begins – highway divided for 2 miles then returns to 2 lane.

MP 77



MP 78



MP 81

Nason Creek


MP 84

Coles Corner / Junction with WA-207

                           WA-207 goes north to Lake Wenatchee


MP 85



MP 89



MP 99

Leavenworth – Washington’s Alpine Bavarian Village

Visit our Leavenworth page.


MP 104


Junction with US-97 south to Ellensburg

MP 107



MP 110


Cashmere / N. Division Street / Downtown

Visit our Cashmere page.

Exit here to visit the Applets & Cottlets factory of Liberty Orchards.


MP 111


Cashmere / Cottage Avenue


Exit here to visit their wonderful museum and pioneer village


MP 118


Exit to Wenatchee AvenueCity of Wenatchee

                                                    Main Entrance to Wenatchee


MP 120


Junction with US-97A north up the west bank of the Columbia River


Exit here to continue on the North Cascades Scenic Byway Loop if you want to go up the west bank of the Columbia River.


MP 120.25

Bridge over the Columbia River


MP 122


Junction with US-97 north up the east bank of the Columbia River

MP 127


City of East Wenatchee

The City of East Wenatchee is a separate city in a separate county from the city of Wenatchee.  The two are separated by the Columbia River which is also the county line.


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