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Although we don’t rate hotels, any facility listed meets our standard of, “we would go back again and again.” 




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Hotels – Full Service

Facilities listed under this classification are larger facilities with different classes of guest rooms.  They have large common areas with restaurants and offer room service.  The key is that you can stay here without leaving the facility.  They will usually have convention facilities.






This is a difficult facility to describe.  It must be a vacation destination with expanded vacation visitor facilities.  In our definition it must offer food service so that you can stay without leaving the facility.  It may have a hotel, cabins, a motel, or a combination of accommodations.  It may or may not provide bed linens or have kitchens in each unit.





Hotels – limited services

 (multi-floor with interior corridors, may have continental breakfast but no room service)

As differentiated from a motel, limited service hotels have interior hallways, elevators and a lobby which is manned 24 hours and restricts entrance into the facility by non-guests, especially at night.  They may have a restaurant on the site but do not have room service.  Free Continental Breakfasts are usually offered.






Facilities we list as “Suites” are, in general, facilities that have only suites with interior corridors and elevators.  Usually these facilities are an upgrade from Hotels with limited services or motels.  Free Continental breakfasts are usually offered.






Inns are another difficult to describe facility.  Rarely do they have elevators.  They usually are an upscale facility, often in more remote tourist areas.  Some have historic significance.





Motel(1 or 2 stories without elevator or  food)

Facilities under this classification have exterior access and offices that usually are not open 24 hours.  You may not be able to be visited or contacted during the hours the office is closed.  Continental breakfasts may be offered.





Motel –Exterior access

Motels have offices accessed from the exterior and room access is on the exterior of the building.





Motel – Economy


Motels in this class are usually older but well maintained and clean with reasonable rates






$   = Under $50.00

$$ = $50.00 - $75.00

$$$      =  $75.00 - $100.00

$$$$    = $100.00 - $150.00

$$$$$ = over $150.00






OR Cities

WA Cities


We are not associated with any of the facilities we recommend.  We simply have used the facility and found our experience enjoyable so we would go back again.  We can not guarantee that your experience will mimic ours.





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